We Like To Keep Things Simple

But You Probably Already Figured That Out!

How Do We Compare to Other Skincare Lines...

We Are Proudly Not For Everyone!

SkinTech isn't for skincare lovers who are emotionally attached to a multiple-product routine.

There are excellent companies out there that serve these folks well, but a time-starved mover & shaker doesn't have use for all that fuss.

We help go-getters get it done without a second thought about what products serve them best. SkinTech is not deceptive, fussy, fur-collar expensive, or high-maintenance.

It's also not for those who are searching for an all-natural, free-of-everything-effective kinda skincare company trying to hang its hat on "clean beauty". We believe no skincare product can be truly free of everything and still be safe and effective. We choose the best, proven, and safest ingredients, using natural ones where we can - that plain get the job done. Simple!

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Most skincare lines are developed to market and appeal to those enticed by the "emotional aspect"... which can be very frustrating to those of us that don't have the time or the desire to sift through the hype.

SkinTech was designed to be effective. Period. It wasn't developed to go to market, it was developed to work.

Industry rebels. SkinTech has evolved to become the anti-girly girl skincare company that despises skincare...weeding out all the B.S. in the industry so that YOU don't waste time questioning products again.

The effective ingredients and simplicity make SkinTech as effortless as brushing your teeth (and takes no longer than popping your multi-vitamin.)

It all started after 30+ years serving as a pharmacist.

The opportunities to be my nerdy self in this profession were many. I've owned a neighborhood pharmacy, I've created products that were shipped all over the USA and I've even treated race horses in Kentucky as a vet pharmacist.

I've competed at shows and won mini-donkey competitions (we raised them on our farm), hosted an Airbnb cabin (where guests could do anything from having a romantic dinner in the woods to driving donkeys on the farm), and gone on missions trips to Honduras. I've seen llamas in the Andes mountains of Bolivia and I've helped a doctor in Guatemala start a hospital.

Needless to say, I'm not really a "stickler" for accepting a "normal" life.

I had never committed to a skincare routine myself. All the pretty products on every beauty counter started blending into each other. I didn't understand why we "needed" so many different "things" that all claimed to do the SAME thing (and typically failed at it). Why was it so complicated?

I realized it was time to take better care of my skin but I was not willing to invest in 10 products. I am not a girly-girl, but I still give a darn about having healthy skin.

Where was the easy, good stuff for normal people who care more about getting on with their day than collecting bottles of "magical" serums?

I decided to create it. A product for frazzled skincare- haters like myself.

So I researched... a lot. And studied. I picked apart the best products I could find to see what made them so effective (and expensive). And to my surprise, there actually are some amazing products out there (however, the cost was out of range of what most would consider reasonable - heck, I didn't even know there were skincare products priced over $1000/oz - I've got way better things to do with money!)

I cooked up batch after batch of plant stem cells, spin traps (super intelligent antioxidants/ pro-aging helpers), hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, and other amazing ingredients... and three years, 40+ formulations later, IT WAS PERFECT!)

(Three years?? Yes, that's what happens when a perfectionist gets involved. Much like the mini-donkeys I raised, I am just stubborn enough to keep going until I am satisfied!)

Do You Still Create The Batches In Your Kitchen?

No. While this was a great plan when using myself (and testing on friends and family :)), once the formulas were perfected we contracted with an FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant and ISO 22716-certified facility for manufacture. Safety is of utmost importance and being manufactured in a sterile facility ensures this.

Another way that safety is ensured is to only use containers with airless pump technology. This system utilizes a vacuum system for dispensing the product, keeping air and contaminants out, and prolonging stability, effectiveness, sterility & shelf-life.

Have You Tested For Safety?

Glad you asked! Our formulas have undergone PET, also known as challenge testing. We wanted to be certain that our preservatives were adequate for preventing dangerous microbial growth. We purposely introduced 6 strains of bacteria, yeast and mold into our batches, then watched the samples over time to make sure the preservative system was good enough to kill off the nasties.

Results? 100% effective against Staph, E.coli, Pseudomonas, Candida, and Aspergillus!

Are You A Cosmetic Chemist?

No, however the resources and training available to me as a pharmacist have enabled me to understand a good deal about how "things" work... why an ingredient is effective or why it is not. Understanding ingredients and how they work together is what fascinates me most.

Chemist I may not be, but geeky I can be! :)

Dad was a learner, mom was a perfectionist, me too...

Any formula I put together is thoroughly researched and tested, it's a family thing. Investigation and getting it "right" runs in my blood. I was taught early in life that it doesn't pay to go at something "half-assed" (sorry, the donkeys just came to mind). Only when you have total dedication, focus and discipline over the "thing" can you simplify it and make it understandable.

The path to simpler skincare is easy. Walk it with us and enjoy the transformation.

For the love of simplicity,

Lori Howard, P.D.


  • Save time...avoid that 7-step routine!
  • Eliminate confusion by using a simple, results-driven formula
  • Have the confidence to finally ditch the makeup!




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